Where do I find a stick?

A stick helps keep you “honest” while practicing your range of motion. So finding the right length is helpful.

Your stick should be your height or up to 2 inches taller.  

It helps if it’s collapsible so you can get it in your car to travel to a stick class (but if your social distancing and only plan to practice at home, it need not be collapsible). 

A smooth pole is preferred to one with ridges. 

Look around: you might already have a stick around your home such as a paint roller extender or clothes rod works well.

Or visit your local hardware store (Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc). You can purchase a collapsible 6-foot painter’s extension pole in the paint department for approximately $14.00. If you are taller than six feet, you may want the longer painter’s extension pole. It’s important to find one without the clumsy locking device in the middle that will bump your forehead. 

Rubber tip for your pole (optional): A rubber chair or cane tips for painter’s extension poles prevent the pole from slipping when you practice stick. You can find these in the hardware department of most hardware stores. Make sure the get a RUBBER tip; plastic tips slip and are NOT safe. You can buy them individually for about 75 cents, or get a package for four for about $4 (that way you have replacements if one wears out).

The larger tip should be in a package labeled 1- ¹⁄₈ inches.

The smaller tip at the top of your pole that fits over the threaded end should be 5 ⁄ 8” inch.

If either rubber tip is loose, use a piece of painter’s tape to wrap around the threaded end to make the tip hold on tightly so you won’t lose it.