senior practicing stick -upward

Most of our Stick classes are meeting in person, with COVID precautions. Find a class here.

New Video: Longevity Stick with Master Dao

Senior Vietnamese man with white hat, holding stick, teaches an exercise class outdoors

You can also practice stick at home with the video below. Or, participate in a live zoom class online.

Joyce Uyehara youtube screenshot2

We have over 30+ classes in Southern California! Always free.

Longevity Stick Art (LSA) is practiced by hundreds of seniors at over 30 sites in Orange County, under the non-profit by the same name. LSA is taught by trained, volunteer Leaders, who — like you — want to stay positive, stay in shape, and make friends. It is also practiced in France, Australia, Canada and Vietnam by thousands more.

Westminster Senior Center 2019
Leader training graduation 2016
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